TSCM & countersurveillance

CM55kitRanging from budget-price items to top-of-the-line complete systems, we supply the following types of TSCM and countersurveillance equipment:

  • bug detectors
  • complete countermeasure sets
  • advanced radio frequency detectors
  • carrier current detectors
  • wired microphone detectors
  • wireless microphone detectors
  • radio frequency jammers (to law enforcement only)
  • drone jammers (to law enforcement only)
  • GPS logger detector
  • secure conversation systems
  • audio recorder jammers
  • audio recorder detector
  • surveillance camera detectors
  • computer-assisted TSCM analyzers
  • non-linear junction detectors
  • computer-assisted jamming detection system
  • computer-assisted IMSI catcher detector

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