How to buy

Purchase of our interception systems is restricted to law enforcement and governmental agencies as well as their authorized suppliers: these customers can contact us by means of any available reference on the “contact us” page.

For all products which can be sold legally to the general public, an online store is available where private customers can make purchases and pay directly by credit card, Paypal or wire transfer.

SPECTRADOME has different locations in different countries of the world and operates according to a full-legal-sales policy: since the sale of the very same same item may be legally possible in one country (e.g.: Italy) but prohibited in another (e.g.: Switzerland), we will not process orders for products whose sale to the public is prohibited by the laws and regulations of each country in which our company is based.

Buyers of countries where our company has no direct sales points are kindly advised that it is their sole responsibility to ascertain and obey all applicable laws when placing an order for our items and products: we will not be responsible if you try to purchase and import something which is forbidden by the laws in your country.

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