Q.: where do you ship to?
A.: we ship worldwide.

Q.: what are your shipping methods?
A.: we mainly use FedEx to ship worldwide. Upon request, DHL and Swiss Post are also available.

Q.: I am a private individual: am I allowed to buy your interception systems?
A.: no. Sales of interception system is restricted to law enforcement agencies and their authorized suppliers via EUC.

Q.: what are the items available to the general public?
A.: we offer a number of non-restricted items which are available to the general public and can be purchased on our webshop.

Q.: do you offer customized systems/items/solutions?
A.: yes, absolutely. Please contact us with your requirements.

Q.: can I visit you?
A.: yes, you can. Please contact us to make an appointment in order to us in Switzerland, Italy or any other country of the world where we have representatives.

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